Only YOU can change your eating habits.

Only YOU can change your relationship with certain foods.

Only YOU can do the exercise.

Only YOU can pick and choose your social occasions.

Only YOU can change YOU!

When trying to do the above you will come across a lot of outside influences, especially from those closest to you.

People at work trying to get you out for a drink or join them in the biscuit club.

Family telling you that you are fine as you are, even though you hate what you see in the mirror.

People saying you are getting “too skinny” and that you are starving yourself.

Friends forcing you out for a drink at the weekend, doing the same thing you have done for the last 5 years.

At times it feels like I am the only person supporting my clients achieve their goals, and that’s wrong!

If you want to change then you need to start taking control of your own life and looking after NUMBER 1!!!

If people close to you don’t support you, then you need to speak to them.

If they still don’t support you, then they are not as close as you thought they were.

Often making big changes for yourself can make those close to you feel uncomfortable about their own lives, leading to them dragging YOU back into their comfort zone of self misery.

Don’t let this happen.

If you really want to change then GO FOR IT!!!

DO IT FOR YOU and nobody else.


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