What should you eat today??

Scott, what should I eat today?

Scott, what shall I have for tea?

Two popular questions when I am training clients, usually followed by a blank expression on my face.

But I’m a personal trainer, I should know the answer!!!!

Well, yes and no, so let me explain why.

I have no idea what is in your fridge.

I have a rough idea of the foods you eat, if you are a client.

I probably don’t know much about your other meals that day.

I have no idea what you fancy to eat at that moment in time.


I will take you through a basic meal structure to follow which you can then adapt to what foods you enjoy and your goal.

  • 1 large portion of protein (meat, fish, eggs etc)
  • LOTS of veg ( A variety of colours, but ideally what you enjoy)
  • Small portion of carbs or fats

As long as you are following this and keeping in mind other factors such as portion control, snacking and junk food, you CANNOT go far wrong.

If progress is slow then you may have to start logging things and looking at things a bit closer.

Your diet is YOUR DIET and for it to work long term you need to eat the foods you enjoy and at the times that suit your life, training and work.

If you feel you need help structuring all this then please feel free to contact me on how I can help you.

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