12 week Transformation – THE DIET

I suppose I should have called this “THE FAT LOSS”, as I am going to touch on things outside of my diet.

I also want to stress before you read any further, that this was my diet and not anything I suggest to others.

I don’t want you judging my coaching based on the foods I ate, my meal timings or anything else.

It suits ME

My work life

My social life

This is what I aim for with all clients and I will again cover that in another post

No calories were counted for the full 12 weeks (I couldn’t be bothered!)

I logged the odd day here and there for social media content more than anything, and just to see where I was

Monday – Friday at work I have a “default” meal structure that very rarely changes

The reason I got fat was because of everything I add around those meals

(basically chocolate and alcohol!)

When starting a diet I simply fall back on to this eating pattern without the “extras”


M1 – Porridge + whey protein

M2 – Wrap with turkey mince, kale and mixed beans

Pre workout snack – Small bar of sea salt chocolate and a coffee

M3 – Sausages, broccoli and rice (Changed the sausages to chicken breast straight away)

M4 – Sweet potato and cottage cheese

Evening snack – Quark, whey and an apple

I already knew in my head this would put me in a deficit from previous diets and my daily weigh ins quickly showed me that this deficit was quite large due to the drastic weight loss.

This was all fine with me

I was happy eating this way and I had no issues with hunger

It also meant I had freedom at the weekends to enjoy them and relax a bit.

This was often in the evenings, so I would adapt my calories to allow for this also

Delaying breakfast as late as possible

Snacking on low calorie, high protein options

Shakes with fruit


Lean meats with soups

High protein yoghurts

This worked really well and allowed..

Numerous meals out

Dominoes pizza



Cheese and wine nights

My scale weight Monday/Tuesday would reflect this, but I would always average out a large loss over the week

Remember, not all scale gain/loss is body fat!!!

As we got deeper into the diet, changes needed to be made

When dropping calories, you should always look at the easiest things to remove first

What will have the least impact on hunger?

What can I do without for a few weeks?

Breakfast is what I first manipulated

I swapped the porridge for a banana.

I quickly realised the banana was not offering much from a satiety point of view, so I binned it off completely and went by with the shake on it’s own.

Delaying it by an hour or two, depending on how I felt to get me through morning clients

I would rather be hungry in the morning, knowing I had meals coming up than on an evening knowing there was no calories left

I then removed the wrap from M1 and bulked that out with more kale

Further down the line, I removed the chocolate, as that was there as a luxury and the apple from the evening snack

That left me at roughly 1600-1800 calories Monday-Friday

Quite low?

Yes, but again it allowed me that freedom at weekends that I preferred, meaning my weekly average would be slightly higher

Now I can’t talk about fat loss without speaking about activity levels

If you are relying on calories burnt through exercise alone, then you may be in for a slow and bumpy ride.

Those of you following my journey on Instagram will know I walk EVERYWHERE!!

Even when I was fat!

I will pick a coffee shop as far away as possible, to go and send my emails etc

Walk into town from the gym, again to do some work (or grab a cheeky sunbed!)

At the weekends I will do the same.

Walk to the other side of town for a coffee, then head back and do whatever else need to be done

I would much rather do this than sit on a bike in the gym, or walk on a treadmill

It’s one of the main things I want to stress on anyone reading these blogs or wanting to lose a bit of weight


Walk to work

Get off at an earlier bus/train/tram stop

Get away from the desk at lunch

Get out of bed earlier on the weekends and get out for some fresh air

People wanting a “secret hack” or a quick fix, THIS IS IT!

My more active days, always showed massively on the scales the next day

I just want to finish up by stressing the most important thing in all of this


I was ruthless with my calorie intake

Monday to Friday I never deviated away from the meals. Every now and again I would have a Brandy on an evening but only because I knew my progress was spot on

Then at the weekends I still had overall intake at the back of my mind and not allowing myself to get too carried away

Then I tried to be as active as possible where my schedule allowed it.

Trying not to be sat around doing nothing

If I was feeling tired or needed to ease off, then I would

Never once did I get away from this

Never worried about hormones, cleansing or buying some fat burners

If things slowed down?

Let’s drop some calories from somewhere or lets pick up activity

Simple on paper?


Bloody hard at times when you are hungry and tired?

Yes again ha ha

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