12 Week Transformation – THE CLIENTS

The important bit

The bit you guys should hopefully relate to

Normal people with busy lives and jobs

Probably the least experienced group I’ve taken through this process so far

Giving 12 weeks of commitment to learn and achieve more in that time frame, than they have in their lives

First off, I just want to publicly thank them through this post

They gave me EVERYTHING!!

When I asked for the kitchen sink at the halfway point, they gave me it

At week 9, when I asked them to add another sink on top, they found one

They grafted

They struggled

They fought the tiredness

They went through moments of hunger

Most importantly they got through it and got the results their hard work deserved

I really hope that it was all worthwhile when they see the final pictures

Helping each other out along the way, through the private coaching group I set up (It’s priceless by the way!)


Weeks 1-6 were a simple 4 day upper/lower split, carrying out 2 of each

Designed to target each muscle group twice a week over a variety of rep ranges to aid strength gain and muscle hypertrophy (size)

For the final 6-weeks this was adapted to a more advanced programme based on the same lay out

Utilizing supersets more, to allow us to increase the work volume.

These were adapted as necessary, to allow for any client specific needs

Cardio was left up to the individual and their preferences

LISS, HIIT or gym classes, after sessions or on non lifting days

As mentioned in the previous post, I put a large emphasis on increasing activity away from the gym, so this was always something I wanted them to focus on as a priority


Very individualised

Starting calories and protein was worked out before the start date

It was then a case of working together to find a way of hitting those numbers in a way that suits them, fuelling the workouts and staying full (the important bit!)

Eating the foods they enjoy, at times that suit them

Different job types

Different activity needs

Different shift patterns

Social occasions, trips away and numerous Tinder dates

All these had to be considered and managed as we went along

There is no “perfect time” to do this kind of thing

Commit and adapt

Adjusting calories if needed to allow for more, as and when they were needed

So on paper it’s very simple

Get near this protein amount – Hit a weekly calorie total

But in practice, there is so much more to it

Which is where (hopefully) a good coach will stand out from the bad ones

As we got deeper in, things needed to be adapted

Metabolisms adapt and things slow down

Or, we just need to speed things up, due to an individuals starting point and the fact we have a deadline

So what do we do?

Buy fat burners?

Fasted cardio?


Remove all carbs?

Of course not!

3 options

  1. Drop calories from each day, where it will have the least effect on hunger etc
  2. Increase calories burnt via exercise or general activity
  3. Both of the above

The same thing I tell EVERYONE, whether it’s for a transformation or a client with a long term goal

This is just a more extreme version with less room for error

The principles and basics NEVER CHANGE

Don’t keep searching for something that doesn’t exist

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Starting Monday 9th April, I am giving another group of individuals the opportunity to take their physique to the next level

All their hard work to be shown off at the end, with a professional photoshoot

You have the opportunity to take part either in person, with myself in Manchester

Or remotely, in your own time via my online coaching systems

To receive full information on both, please fill in this very short form

I can’t wait to get started again

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