12 Week Transformation – WHAT NEXT??


I feel a bit lost!!

Tracking my progress every day on Instagram

All the questions and interaction it was bringing up

Plus all the lovely messages I was receiving, many from complete strangers

Now the pressure is all off, I’ve really enjoyed it

A new lease of life in my training and really happy with my results and where my body is at physically

I miss the other guys as well

Of the four who were training with me in person, we have spent 96 hours of this year together

Chatting about our progress

Making changes

Moaning ha ha

Plus the chat and support in the private Facebook group

My diet off the back end of this, was always going to be my biggest issue

It was a massive problem back in 2015 when I did the bodybuilding competition

Massive binges on everything you could think of

The biggest problem back then, was the fact I stopped training also due to injury

So you can imagine what happened!!

It’s something I am very conscious of this time around and trying to work on

As I write this, it’s not been too bad

I need to realise they may/will happen at times and not to beat myself up if they do, as long as they are few and far between

I’ve committed to publicly posting more progress pictures in 5 weeks time

This is to give me something to aim for and keep me focussed

I want to be around 1 stone heavier than what I finished at anyway

A few abs still on show, but look like I actually lift when I have clothes on is the main aim

Not a walking skeleton

I know I am only a few weeks away from really lean if I ever want to

Plus my big melon head suits a bit of timber on it anyway!!

I have a few weeks left on the training plan I am following, which I am then going to carry on

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m really enjoying just waking up and doing what I’m told

Added on to this, I am really enjoying my running and getting some longer distances under my belt

Over Xmas I sort of forced myself to do this

Did I need the hassle of a transformation on top of pushing my business forwards and general life etc

It’s the best decision I could have made!

The positive personal changes have carried over to my business, to the point that I can honestly say I am the happiest I’ve been for a while personally and professionally

There is a bit of fire in the belly to push both further going forwards for the rest of the year, with some big changes on the horizon

Spread my message far and wide

Help as many people as possible

Get my body feeling better and fitter

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The next transformation is already setting up to be the biggest yet!

There are only a couple of spaces left open

To receive more information, please fill out this short form

You have the option of seeing me in person twice a week at Pure Gym in Manchester, or training alone, in your own time via my online coaching systems

I can’t wait to get started again and take another group of dedicated people through this great experience

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