For the last few years, my training has been mediocre to say the least.

Constant niggles and just a lack of motivation had led me to going through the motions, with very little enjoyment.

I was still getting 3-4 sessions in weekly but they were very poor.

I think more emails got sent than actual training.

I decided to sign up to “No Weak Links” by Andy McKenzie http://www.noweaklinks.co.uk/

Andy is someone I have a lot of respect for in the industry, following him on social media and attending one of his bodyweight workshops.

I needed to strip my training back down to the basics and work from the ground up again.

Handing that responsibility over to someone else removed my ego and my biases from any decision making.

It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Waking up to an email each morning telling me what to do, took any thought process out of my training.

Wake up

Do as I’m told

Get on with it and the rest of my day

I’ve genuinely looked forward to those emails each morning and seeing what is coming up each week

Trying exercises I wouldn’t normally do, learning new skills and getting out of my comfort zone

I’ve found a new love for training again and even signed up to a 10k off the back of it all

After 20 years of training it’s exactly what I needed

Going forwards I want to build on these new habits I have gained

Learning new skills (especially bodyweight work)

I’m also aware I’m not getting any older and I would love to approach my 40’s just generally feeling fitter and moving better, niggle free (or as close to that as my body can get!)

For the rest of this week I will be covering more parts of the transformation process

One of those will be the training my clients went through, from myself

  • The next transformation starts Monday 9th March.

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