Why finishing 2016 strong is your best new year’s fitness strategy

Don’t give up the hard work now! 

Well it’s that time of the year again where a lot of people will be sharing their tips and what to do or what not to do with their diets. There is a lot of good advice but it is mainly about avoiding party food throughout the holidays. Sometimes some people may become too obsessed with watching what they are eating which isn’t what you want to do. You might think that you’ve had too much to eat over Christmas so it’s too much of an effort to try and eat healthy now.

Some advice may consist of when spending time with friends go skating or swimming etc. All advice like this is useful but you need to find something that works well but also works for the long run and not a quick help for over Christmas and New Year’s. You really need to keep that strong momentum going and try not to lose it as that is when you start to think it doesn’t matter anymore.

Read this article below to keep yourself in check:  


Most of us start the year off strong.

That’s why the gym is so full in January and your Facebook feed has been covered with ‘New Year’s Fitness’ offers for the past month.

We implement the tips and ‘micro’-strategies offered up, but can only do so for so long before we begin to lose motivation and revert to our previous state.

As the year draws to a close, we fizzle out, hoping, at best, to ‘maintain the status quo’ at the gym or strive for ‘zero net gain’ on the scale.

What if we finished the year as strong as we began it?

What if we shifted our mindset to value seeing a project through to the end?

What if we recognized the importance of being someone who finishes what she starts?

What if we no longer created a ‘new year’s fitness strategy’ each and every year?

I’m guessing that January would be just another month on the calendar. (And we’d see improvement in a lot of other areas in our lives…)

A month in which we’d continue to progress our workouts, improve our health and see the numbers on the scale shift in the direction we’d like. Without the dramatic increase (and subsequent equally dramatic decrease…) in the number of people at the gym.

I challenge you to think back to your January 2016 goals, intentions and resolutions. Be it weight loss, improved health, squatting your body weight or doing five consecutive push-ups.

Remind yourself why those goals were important to you.

If they’ve become less of a priority as the year elapsed, re-instate them to the top of your to-do list for the remainder of the month.

By the time 2017 arrives, you’ll already be well on your way to have re-established positive habits. Long before the January exercisers have done their thing; starting and stopping for another year.

Finishing the year strong is surely your best strategy for ensuring a fit, healthy and successful 2017 and beyond…


Orginal article – http://fitknitchick.com/2016/12/14/finishing-strong-best-new-years-fitness-strategy/


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