Christmas Exercise Survival Guide

How are you going to survive?

Well it is that time of year again! This is when fitting in our exercise time can be sometimes challenging when we are also fitting in work, family and preparing for Christmas day itself. It is so easy to become side tracked when we are busy during December but you can’t forget about yourself and stop being active. What you need are some top tips to keep you on top form! Don’t let all your hard work disappear.

Even if you do about 10 minutes in the morning it is still a little something and you aren’t breaking your workout routine completely. You could always team up with a gym buddy who is also struggling to find time to work out and hit a class together. You can have a catch up and work out at the same time!

If you are working somewhere that requires you to sit down, then try some leg exercises or do some arm exercises – just to keep going. Try having a regular 5-minute walk around the office every hour if you can. You want to move around as much as you can and as often as you can.

Christmas shopping is a definite exercise! You could power walk everywhere doing your shopping and carrying bags will work those arms. Why not inspire others and buy them exercising gifts or something to prompt them wanting to maybe start exercising?


Read these tips to help you keep going! 


  1. Do what you need to do early

As we countdown to the big day we find more and more social functions keep cropping up – and after work drink, a visit to a relative…they just keep coming! Try and do some exercise in the morning before you go to work, that way there should be no excuses for not moving.


  1. Bring a friend

Christmas is a time for catching up with friends, so why not organise a catch up that involves moving? A walk in the park, a gym class or even a planned activity like a hike, bike ride or a visit to a water park? Having friends around you not only helps motivate you, but also gets them moving too!


  1. Move at work

Whilst you’re at work why not try and add few “extra” excuses to move. Instead of emailing a colleague, make it a point to get off your chair. Instead of taking the lift, try the stairs. Instead of sitting in the lunch room, do a couple of walks around the block. The trick is to fit in physical activity whenever you can. (Oh and at that work Christmas party – get your dancing shoes on!)


  1. Christmas shopping adventures

Christmas shopping can be a work out! Walking around the shopping center for hours, carrying heavy bags around or pushing the trolley and kids around the mall. If you enjoy shopping, do a sneaky couple of laps and raise those heavy bags by your side!


  1. Choose the right gift

Everyone loves a little Christmas sweet treat as a gift, but why not think of a gift that gets your loved ones moving? A fitness tracker? A piece of exercise equipment? For the kids, how about a hula hoop, soccer ball or a trampoline? The ideas are endless – and by finding something the whole family can take part in makes it even better!


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