What you SHOULD do in 2017!!

So previously I touched on things you shouldn’t do in January with your training and nutrition.

Today I will point out a few things that you SHOULD be doing in January that will either get you back on track after the festivities or set you up for your first time.


So you have put a few pounds on over Xmas? Who cares!!

If you was dieting before Xmas it’s likely some of that weight gain is stored glycogen and water in the muscle. None of this relates to body fat.

If you have genuinely put a small amount of fat on then in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. You can’t and shouldn’t be losing weight every single week of your life, so 2 weeks of weight gain in a 52 week year is not something to worry about.


If you spent last year doing a lot of classes and intensity style training then it’s possible that you have got as much out of that kind of training as you can due to the lack of progression that you find with this style. Adding in a few days of weight training will take your training to the next level.

If you have not done any in your life or you are a cardio bunny then simply adding in some bodyweight training as your resistance work will again benefit your training.

From a personal point of view, ALL clients are doing a mixture of bodyweight work, weights and cardio from day 1 (this is obviously goal dependant and designed around the individual)


How often do you NOT do something if it’s not written down in front of you?

Prepare food in advance so you don’t make the wrong options.

Put your training sessions into your diary so you either don’t forget or you do it because it is there in black and white.

Having plans for each session provide valuable structure for the beginner. The most advanced trainer needs a plan to make sure they are progressing on lifts etc and something they can look back on to make tweaks when a plateau is reached.


Can’t train 5 days a week, then don’t follow a plan that should be carried out 5 days a week.

If you are not a bodybuilder with 10 years experience then don’t follow a plan designed for a bodybuilder with 10 years experience! All quite simple really


I feel that EVERYONE should lift weights in some shape or form to progress. The beauty is, that this can be organised in many different ways. Find a way that suits you, so that you are still doing (and enjoying) it in 10 years time.


Sorry if this sounds like a pushy sales tactic but here I go.

You don’t go into a hairdressers/barbers and cut your own hair do you?

You also don’t go into a garage and start changing your own oil, so why go into a gym with no idea how to carry out exercises or group them together and start doing your own thing?

If you have taken the time to read to this part of the blog then I presume that you have some desire to change and it is a priority for you in 2017.

I appreciate that cost can be an issue, but there are ways of getting help without forking out £400 a month.

Can’t afford 1on1 PT then there are group training options.

Can’t afford group PT then there are options to buy workout plans.

Can’t afford to buy workout plans, then there are free plans all over the internet for you to try.

Sadly, it’s a fact many will still carry on doing the same thing, using the same excuses and by this time next year will look and feel EXACTLY the same as they do now.

Make 2017 different and take those steps forward to make that happen.

Whatever you choose to do, ENJOY IT!!!

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