What is Poppy’s “fat loss secret”

Many of you will have seen my clients current progress pictures last week.

She very kindly put them on her own social media also, and quite rightly received some amazing feedback.

Talking to her today in our weekly session she mentioned that a few friends had asked the classic “what is your secret”.

So being the generous person that I am, I thought I would share them with you.

Secret 1 – She employed a professional (ME!!!) She has a meal structure to follow that allows freedom around the foods she enjoys and her hectic work life. (she has a million different jobs) She also knows exactly what to do in the gym as it is all written down.

The best thing she has ever said to me was when she told me she was finding the dieting side of things easy as she wasn’t feeling restricted with anything.

Secret 2 – She has been doing it for longer than a week! Poppy has been with me for roughly 6 months. There has been weeks and weeks gone by with zero results at all. Lack of motivation, busy life, she has suffered from it all. Often the only time she came to the gym was the one session per week she had with me. Is this ideal? Of course not, but that’s life at times and we keep going.

Stay patient and don’t give up.

Secret 3 – She never expects miracles. Constant small progress, whether that be on the scales or via pictures.

Secret 4 – She works hard.

Now I’m sorry if all this sounds obvious or even boring, but these are all 4 very simple things that ANYONE can do.

Stop looking for the easy way out. Some people spends 20 years on every “quick fix” going.

Doesn’t really work does it???

These results are great

They are not rapid results.

But, I guarantee that another 6 months down the line she will be in an amazing position and set up for the rest of her life.


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