Stuff I’ve learnt over the years!!

So I’ve been around for quite a while now.

My gym life started when I was 16 when my Dad took me to the local bodybuilding gym.

From there it helped me in my terrible rugby career and then stayed as a hobby whilst working in construction.

I was terrible in construction and then moved into the PT world, where thankfully it turns out I’m pretty good at it all.

I’ve seen a lot

I’ve heard a lot

I’ve tried a lot

I’ve failed a lot

Over the next few minutes I will take you through a few training, nutrition and work related things that may or may not help you in the future

  1. Very few of us are paid to exercise, so make sure you enjoy it. Do not put too much pressure on the whole process.
  2. There are no “special” exercises. Pick a few and get really good at them. To a degree, your body is destined to look a certain way (genetics). Build muscle, lose body fat and see where it leaves you.
  3. Building muscle and getting “bulky” is VERY VERY hard. Eating a bit more protein and lifting some weights will help you look good, NOT turn you into Arnie.
  4. There is no “special” diet. Create a calorie deficit, eating foods you can eat long term.
  5. Calories matter BUT you do not need to count them.
  6. Anyone who is telling you, “you MUST do this”, or “MUST do that” is lying to you. Either for financial gain or they are as clueless as you.
  7. A good physique does not mean they know what they are talking about.
  8. Social media is full of lunatics, do NOT live you life by what you see on there. They do not look like their pictures and they don’t have the lives they pretend to have.
  9. You do not need to lose the fat, then “tone”. It can all be done at the same time.
  10. “Toning” doesn’t really exist. A muscle gets bigger or smaller. You get fatter or thinner. If you want to look toned, you better make sure you have some muscle there for people to see when you lose the fat ….. make the muscle bigger!
  11. Nobody cares what you are doing in the gym, they are all as scared and self-conscious as you are.
  12. The more educated you are, the more you will enjoy the process.
  13. You get out what you put in. Something I have finally learnt since becoming a PT. Keep grafting and the rewards will come.
  14. Make mistakes. More stuff I have tried to build my business has failed than succeeded. You learn and move on (and laugh at yourself). I’ve also done a lot of rubbish training wise in the gym.
  15. Insulin is not making you fat.
  16. Hormones are not making you fat (99% of you).
  17. You are eating too much and not active enough.
  18. You probably have no idea what you are consuming.
  19. Some of you are lying to yourself.
  20. Some of you are just not ready yet (this is fine, it will come).
  21. Smile at people and say hello. It may make them smile or just freak them out.
  22. I know I may be rambling but I am just writing these as they come in my head!
  23. No food is bad. Too much food is bad.
  24. People trying to control your insulin/hormones/cortisol are not even testing this. It’s quackery.
  25. 80% of people in the free weights area have no idea what they are doing. Don’t avoid it.
  27. Spray on some deodorant before training.
  28. Do not go to the gym 2 weeks before a holiday expecting great things. Try joining 2 years before the holiday and build a physique.
  29. If you are overweight, it is NOT because you are not eating enough (se 17,18,19)
  30. I love my job. It’s the longest hours I have ever worked and it’s also the hardest I have worked “away from work”. It took me until I was 29 years to find this!!

30 seems a good number to finish on.

I have no idea what the meaning is of this post, but hopefully some of you can relate to it and help you.

Have a great day

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