Healthy eating for under £3 per day!!

It costs so much money!

This is something I hear often when it comes to healthy eating and I appreciate at times it can seem that way, with all sorts thrown at you.

Organic foods
Detox water
Alkaline drinks
99% is complete bullshit and not needed to have a general “healthy diet”.
If you want to pay 4x the price to shop at some hippy wholefood shop, then that is your choice. But for those that don’t and just want to improve your health and save a few quid then read on.
I picked a pretty simple meal structure of 3 main meals and 1 snack.
This will not suit everyone but it goes some way to highlighting that it CAN be done.
If I spent a bit more time on it and shopped around I could have easily done it for cheaper also.
Breakfast – 50g porridge and 30g whey protein (45p)
Lunch – 4 egg omelette with kale (40p)
Snack – 1 apple (9p)
Dinner – Chicken breast, mushroom stir fry (£1.82)
TOTAL – £2.76
Over the course of the day we are consuming a variety of all 3 macronutrients (carbs/fats/protein)
We are also getting a variety of fibre from the vegetables, fruit and porridge.
One thing I should have maybe added is water as well.
You can get a 2 litre bottle of water for under 20p which will still keep you under the £3 barrier.
Now I don’t mentioned child nutrition much, as people can get very defensive about how they bring up their children which is fine, and I also have no kids of my own.
But shopping around and educating yourself on nutrition will not only benefit yourself but your family as well.
ps. All prices are from Aldi……. because. Aldi is life!!

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