Lifestyle test – Where do you score?

Check these off for me:

1. I don’t take a proper break during the day, and normally eat lunch at my desk;

2. I regularly skip meals, or settle for something sweet;

3. I don’t get 3-4 hours of meaningful activity in each week (cardiovascular and/or strength work); and/or

4. I regularly wake up tired and rarely get 7-9 hours of sleep.

Those aren’t just numbers. It’s a points system.

Add them up. What do you get?


0 … Great job.
1-2 … Low hanging fruit to be had here.
3-6 … You probably need to make some changes.
7+ … You need to make some changes, and probably need some help.

Any ‘help’ you need doesn’t necessarily need to be paid for. It could just be a supportive environment; friends, co-workers, family.

But, if you have tried and tried and just can’t seem to break those habits – then talk to me.

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