Are you eating enough??

Question – “Hi ……. My weight loss has stalled. Eating circa 1700 calories a day, regular exercise & weights. Belly not shifting. Any tips?”

confusedAnswer – “Hi Mark, I suspect if you are training regular, you are not eating enough. You need to fuel your body to meet your energy demands”

So this question was sent on Twitter.

Judging by the answer you may suspect it was to a z list celebrity with a crappy DVD to sell or some clueless PT who has just passed their Level 3 6 week course.

But no, this was the reply given by arguably the biggest name in the industry at this moment in time, Joe Wicks “The Body Coach”.

So why am I highlighting this?

Fat loss is confusing at the best of times for people with no idea and it’s horrendous advice like this that makes it even harder.

Joe has 216,000 followers on Twitter and just for arguments sake, let’s say 10% of his followers saw that reply.

That’s over 20,000 people who potentially think they are not losing weight because they are not eating enough food!

If they all go away and tell just one person they hear complaining about their own fat loss then that is a lot of people getting some very bad advice.

Yes he is helping a lot of people but you can’t argue that he is confusing a lot of people also.

When you get to his position and following, the information given out needs to be spot on.

Rather than slag Joe off, let’s look at the real reason Marks weight loss has stalled.

These are all based on not knowing his personal details and exercise etc.

  1. Mark isn’t on 1700 calories. Maybe he has seen a 1700 cal plan and is just eating those kinds of foods in any random amount.
  2. Under reporting calorie intake. Not including some foods/drinks leading to inaccuracy, or not measuring foods correctly.
  3. Inconsistent reporting. Only calculating a few days a week leading to errors on other days.
  4. Needs to drop his calories. 1700 is low for a male who is exercising but it is a possibility.
  5. Needs to up activity levels. I know it says he exercises regular but what does that mean? Is Mark very inactive away from exercise meaning his energy output is still quite low?
  6. 1700 cals is still quite a bit of food so even if “starvation mode” did exist, then it is certainly not here.

The laws of fat loss in 99% of cases never change.

Energy in (food/drink) MUST be less than energy out (exercise/daily activity etc)

Telling someone who is not losing weight to eat more food is THE WORST advice you can ever give someone and it’s certainly irresponsible when you have such a following.

Before anyone pipes in with the “jealous” comments, yes I am!!

He’s made more money in the last month from this industry than I will in a lifetime and he has amazing hair that I couldn’t even achieve when I was 14, never mind at 34.

This doesn’t mean that bad advice should not be pulled up and explained to a wider audience, even if this is only read by my Mum other family members.

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