Why am I getting Fat on just 2,000 calories?

fat-scottSince I finished the original 6 Week Shred I have put a bit of weight on (not much but a bit)fat scott

When I log my normal food intake during the week it looks like this….


4x medium eggs and spinach – 282 cals

Meal 1

Chicken breast, 125g rice, 150g broccoli – 444 cals

Meal 2

3x Sausages, 125g rice, 150g broccoli – 642 cals

Meal 3

Sweet potato + cottage cheese – 348 cals

Pre bed snack

Quark + whey – 288 cals TOTAL – 2,004 calories per day

Now for someone of my weight and activity levels these are very low calories and would only be reached towards the end of a drastic cut, so why the weight gain????

Well I have not been completely truthful with my daily intake. I’ve been enjoying life!!!

On top of this have been cakes, sweets, chocolate, fun coffee rather than plain black coffee and anything else I have fancied.

Add on to this meals out and booze at the weekend and you see where things have started to add up!!

But how many times have you thought you are hardly eating anything yet not losing weight?

Everyday I hear people say they don’t eat anything, yet they are 3 stone overweight!

Or someone at work claims to be on a “detox” yet you see them munching on biscuits or a packet of crisps then tagging themselves in the local pub at the weekend.

So often people just do not realise what they are putting in their mouths ( no giggling at the back please )

If you are struggling to lose weight, you need to start logging what you eat in some shape or form.

Be COMPLETELY HONEST with yourself and include EVERYTHING.

Only at this point will you find out what you need to change to get you going in the right direction.

Just to finish off I have actually kept my calories low on purpose to allow myself room to enjoy life and I am actually aiming to put some weight on. The weight gain is quite minimal and I will be assessing it monthly to make sure it doesn’t get too out of hand.

You don’t have to spend your life dieting, I don’t care what the magazines tell you!!!

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