Tell your friends to “SHUT UP”

This was sparked by a conversation in the private MNU group on Facebook.pkb

It simply came down to this person in the group eating 3 eggs at work with colleagues and them jumping all over her saying how dangerous that was etc (just to confirm, it is completely fine)

So, this got me thinking about you guys and others in this situation.

Imagine sitting on a train and pulling out some pre-prepared meal for your lunch. people will probably look over, roll there eyes and think you are some obsessed gym rat. Walk on to that train with a Burger King and people will probably give you their seat, in awe of your greatness.

Pull out a salad at work and everyone starts telling you, you are “just fine as you are” and you are taking things too far.

People out of shape and who read far too many magazines, suddenly become fitness and health gurus.

These people are idiots!!!!

More often than not, they just feel uncomfortable that you are making the changes that they can’t do themselves, so they try to bring you back into their comfy little place filled with misery.

Do what you need to do to make you happy.

For you and nobody else.

If people drag you down then bin them off, they are not real friends

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