Think back to when you truly achieved something.

Amazing exam results.

Winning something at sport.

Your dream job.

A big contract at work.

Now think of the work that went into achieving that goal?

I imagine for 95% of you it took some sacrifice?

Hours of graft and determination.

I doubt it was easy?

Achieving your dream body is no different.

Maybe you have a lot of weight to lose. Battling poor food relationships and life long habits.

Maybe you want to take your physique to “the next step”.

Stage or photoshoot lean?

Is your training structured for this?

Are you educated enough nutritionally to do this?

Are you ready for the sacrifice and mind games that come with it?

None of this comes easy for most of us.


If it was, we would all be walking around like we have a permanent Instagram filter on us (I wish!)

But think of how proud and happy you will feel when you do reach that goal?

The work, the changes, the small sacrifices are always worth it!

Nothing comes easy, but no big achievement is!

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