Eating “clean” DOES NOT equal fat loss!!

Are you constantly eating healthy?

Picking the best foods and ingredients?

Avoiding processed food?

Eating as “clean” as possible?

Then why are you not losing weight or struggling still??

Health food restaurants are popping up all over the place at the moment, especially these “gym restaurants”.

Clean, protein packed meals, made only from organic, unprocessed virgin ingredients.

Now don’t get me wrong this is amazing and it’s much better people are going here after a workout or at the weekend rather than McDonalds.

Healthy? YES!


That doesn’t necessarily mean it will help with your fat loss.

“Clean” foods still contain calories, so for example replacing processed sugar with organic honey has zero difference if the overall calories are the same.

Imagine going into these places after a workout starving hungry.

You go for a large box rather than a small.

You add some sauce or dressing because it’s “clean”

As you have trained you add in a “paleo cookie” or a couple of protein balls because you have been good going to the gym.

Add in a healthy “antioxidant smoothie”.

Before you know it you have hammered well over 1,000 calories without even thinking and wiped out a big wedge of your daily allowance.

PLEASE do not take this as me saying eat shit, or these places are a waste of time.

All I am saying is eating clean or healthy is no guarantee of losing body fat.

Calories will ALWAYS matter and it does not matter how pure and organic the sources are.

If you are eating all the right foods but still struggling, please feel free to get in touch for help.

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