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Hi I’m your fat loss specialist Scott Roberts and head coach of the Lean Team

For years now I have helped 100s of people just like you, free their minds of all the confusion built up over the years and finally reach their fat loss goals


  • The baby weight everyone had told them they were stuck with
  • The dad bod built up over years of enjoying life since school and giving up sports
  • The stubborn wobbly bits, that you always see in the mirror or holiday photos

Via my low cost monthly coaching and accountability group…. the LEAN TEAM

  • Jim Lost Over FOUR Stone

    "Scott has made the dieting process clear and simple for me. A few easy changes in my normal life has resulted in amazing life long results."

All this is achieved in a flexible manner that doesn’t restrict your food choices
and eliminate valuable time with friends and family

A simple structure that will get you amazing results short term

And allow you to keep that off over the long term

Via education on how to build a lifestyle that suits YOU, and not the other way around

  • Linda changed her lifestyle, and her body...

    "The coaching group has given me a clear understanding of where I should be focussing my efforts and kept me accountable. Scott has taught me I can make progress without over restricting myself."

So, What’s Included?

Monthly coaching from a world class coach…

just £29 per month!

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